Adobe Acrobat acrobat

Imagine being able to transform your artwork, brochures or practically any document created by any software package into a compact digital file and then to distribute it electronically. What's more the recipient can view & print it exactly as you intended. And you can achieve this at a remarkably reasonable cost.

Well that's exactly what Acrobat does. An Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) file is an accurate representation of your original document retaining all the original attributes; fonts, graphics, colour etc. stored in a remarkably small file ideal for transmitting across the internet, on a floppy disk or of course on CD ROM.

To view a PDF file the recipient only needs the Acrobat Viewer; a freely distributed application already on millions of machines both Macintosh & Windows. What's more, PDFs can be organised into sections & chapters with bookmarks, thumbnail views of pages & hyperlinks which makes Acrobat interactive. We can then add futher navigation buttons and links (which can be hidden when printed) to create a truly interactive and intuitive presentation. If you need the viewer you can download it now from Adobe by clicking on the button below

Here are some examples of how we have exploited Acrobat for our client's benefit:

Alfred Dunhill

The entire Alfred Dunhill Leather Goods Portfolio was produced in Quark and then turned into a series of interactive Acrobat files allowing the users to browse, search by product number or category and print on their desktop printers.

An additional copy was included on the CD at full professional reprographic resolution (with bleed, cropmaks etc).

The original files totaled over 18Gb of data - the two Acrobat versions, for both PC and Mac fitted easily on a single CD

A Healthcare Information Publisher

297 pages of information on sources of Primary Healthcare, mainly created in Microsoft Word and converted to Acrobat PDF.

The entire document was indexed, bookmarked & hyperlinked.

And it all fitted comfortably on a floppy disk!

An International Petroleum Company

Marketing communications material about forecourt sales promotions was converted from Quark Express artwork files and organised into an Acrobat CD ROM presentation for distribution to forecourt outlets throughout Europe.