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We have mastered all of the problems surrounding distributing and using logos consistently and easily within today's PC based organisations. We can convert the logo your printers use (almost invariably some form of Macintosh postscript file) into a variety of PC friendly formats ideally suited for your Word documents or PowerPoint presentations - always fully scalable, easily printed and very portable.

True Type Font - The elegant solution

Creating your own custom font - a single keystroke* will reproduce your logo perfectly in any Windows application, you just type the relevant character and choose your font in the normal dialogue box, then select colour and size.

Using logo fonts in Windows applications

The only restrictions of this solution are that a font character can only display in the one colour you select for it - multicolour logos are only achievable with a string of characters (and are generally more trouble to use than an appropriate PNG, WMF or EMF file - we're happy to take a look and offer our suggestions) and that if you distribute a document electronically you must also send the font to the recipient.

BSI logo as a true type font

A single font can be created to include multiple logos, just tell us which logo should correspond to which character on the keyboard.

Two colour log created with two keystrokes


If you can supply a digital file of your logo in a vector format (typically Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand postscript files from a Mac or Corel Draw, Windows Metafile etc from a PC) we can normally e-mail your font within 24 hours for 100 +VAT

If you only have a printed reference available (or a bitmap file eg .bmp, .jpg, .gif, photoshop) then the logo must be recreated first. This will result in an additional cost - generally between 50 - 100 dependant on complexity - we will always offer a firm quotation before undertaking this work.

An additional logo to be included in the same font will cost 50 subject to the same re-creation issues listed above. Price for multiple logos on application.

(*actually a long logo may work better with two or three keystrokes...)

Rugby Cement - logo as True Type Font

Windows Metafile

A windows metafile (.wmf) or enhanced metafile (.emf) is a vector file format that is fully scalable, prints well at any size and capable of being edited.

A metafile included in a Word or PowerPoint document is fully embedded - if you distribute the document on disc or by e-mail the logo will always be there exactly as intended (and the file size is very small).

Metafiles can be very complex and contain multiple colours. We often convert whole blocks of text from specific fonts into metafiles for use in creating Word templates for fax headers and memos. This way we can take the source file from your normal letterhead (generally in Quark) and precisely reproduce the required elements of its layout and style to build a Word template that allows you to rapidly type up your documents whilst ensuring corporate guidelines are maintained.


If you can supply a digital file of your logo in a vector format (typically Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand postscript files from a Mac) we can normally e-mail your logo as a metafile within 24 hours for 30 +VAT.

If the logo needs to be re-drawn from printed artwork or a bitmap file type the cost is liable to be between 50 - 100 subject to complexity.

Signatures as Fonts

If you regularly fax documents direct from your desktop and would like to sign them personally then letting us convert your signature into a true type font is the solution.

Signatures reproduced from a custom font

What you get

A true type font containing your signature, accurately reproduced with a single keystroke that will print or fax perfectly and will be accessible from within all of your Windows applications.

Mulitiple signatures

We can include multiple signatures in the same font - particularly if you sometimes want to sign only your first name (or supply multiple signatures as separate fonts)

What we need

A good copy of your signature(s) - ideally a bit larger than you would normally write, in black ink on the whitest paper you can find (please avoid using a textured paper if possible)


1 font: to include a full signature (and at no extra charge if required) just the first name as a separate character
£100 + Vat

2 to 5 fonts: signature and first name as above
£100 for the first font, £50 for each subsequent one

6+ fonts: please contact us for a quote

Word Templates

We can build you logo, signature, address details and other information or graphics into custom templates for Microsoft Word - fax headers, memos and letterheads can all be created to either follow an existing design (ideally we'd use your printer source files - any normal application or operating system) or design you a new identity as required. We will use the most appropriate format for your graphics depending on the intended distribution/reproduction method.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements