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If you need (or want) a web site then we're here to help.

Simple sites (relatively)

Your requirement is what could be described as a simple site - a home page, subsequent pages with product or service information, a contact page and an e-mail link back to you. It requires your logo, some supporting images and a stylish, intuitive navigation system to move around. It has to work in all the principle browsers and on all the main operating systems and be quick, slick, professional and reflect your corporate style and aspirations.

You've written some of the text and gathered most of the pictures - what's next?

You need three things:

  1. An ISP (Internet Service Provider) to host your site

  2. A registered domain name (e.g. one of ours is www.site-designs.co.uk)

  3. Someone (hopefully us!) to build the site and put it out there

What does all this cost?

  1. There's loads of ISP's out there ranging from free (e.g. Fasthosts.co.uk) for personal sites to around 40 a year or around £100 for a business site with more server space than you need plus lots of e-mail addresses.
    As part of a design and build process we can take care of this for you - we are resellers of entweb products.

  2. Domain registration is simple to complete online. There is then an annual fee for every domain name worldwide - these prices are currently falling.
    Note: since the recent explosion in the whole net thing, finding an available/suitable domain is getting pretty tough - if you come up with something you like and it's available register it immediately! The best name is one you can tell someone once, without additional explanation and be sure they'll be able remember it accurately (the site-designs domain does NOT fall into this category - we have to say "it's site designs, that's site, S I T E, hyphen, designs with an s, dot co dot uk" !)

  3. Probably around 1,500 to 4,000 - which may sound like a lot but it's always the initial design, approval & testing process that is very time consuming. The design has to be right and it has to be tested thoroughly - getting something created cheaply and subsequently discovering that it falls over in a significant number of browsers is simply a waste of time and money. If you have a fixed budget we're always prepared to discuss what can be achieved.

Updating and additional pages following the design are a much quicker operation - either we can charge you an hourly rate or we can train you to do it yourself.

We can take care of items 1 & 2 for you at the same time as part of a build project.

Some examples of a simple corporate style site can be found at the following addresses:


Eddie Gershon Media Relations www.eddiegershon.com the site for Eddie Gershon Media Relations

Eddie Gershon Media Relations

Philip Wade Photography www.philipwade.com a London based photographer's site - this has now grown since it's launch

PhilipWade.com - site for a London photographer produced by Site Designs

The Johnnie Walker Championship www.johnniewalkerchampionship.com - the official site for the Johnnie Walker championship at Gleneagles, a golf tournament on the PGA European Tour. Site designed by Ellipsis, and built by us within the Open Circle partnership

The Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles

Stepski Snowsports Club www.stepski.co.uk - the site for a snowsports club run by professional skiers - for ski enthusiasts, covering all abilities from beginner to instructor. Professional and friendly skiing and snowboarding holidays. Again the initial build was ours - subsequent development will be undertaken by Stepski

Stepski Snowsports club
Global Retail Solutions GlobalRetailSolutions.com


Admiralty Associates admiraltyc3.com - the website for Admiralty Associates International and C3 Crisis Communications Consultants

Millennia www.sysprog.co.uk which is the site for Millennia Business Systems Ltd, originally our parent company



simple sites | e-commerce | complex sites | animation | banners

Web Site Design & Creation : e-commerce

There's been a lot of negative press recently since the 'dot com' bubble burst (whatever that means) but those companies who already have a bricks and mortar presence or, more ideally, an existing mail order operation and merchant account are still finding that the web extends their market globally and cost effectively.

If you've got a product to sell online and the ability to service those orders then we can implement the best solution for you.

The most common option is the now familiar 'shopping basket' approach leading to an order form and then a secure credit card transaction process which can all be largely automated - your account is credited straight away and all you need to do is fulfil the order that you receive by e-mail.

We can also build a bespoke solution that integrates with your stock control database, distribution system and other computerised processes to fully automate the processing and fulfilment of all online orders.

Please contact us to discuss your solution.   

M&B Specialised Confectioners Ltd, at their domain www.MBSC.co.uk, are a great example of a traditional company that's embraced this additional route to new customers

Cakes For All Seasons

Laporta Italian Furniture, the home furnishing section of this site at www.laportahome.co.uk uses the shopping basket technology to let you calculate the costs of your chosen items and coverings before ordering. They'll then contact you to finalise the details and delivery before completing the transaction

Laporta Home Furniture



simple sites | e-commerce | complex sites | animation | banners

Web Site Design & Creation : more complex sites

If your requirement is more complex, if you require animation and interaction then let us quote on your project. We can put together dedicated teams of programmers, database specialists, animators and graphic designers to deliver the site you want.


Hipp UK Ltd www.hipp.co.uk the web site for Hipp Organic Baby and Toddler foods

Hipp Organic Baby Foods

Diageobrands www.diageobrands.com the web site featuring Diageo's Brands. Based on their published brandbook, designed with Ellipsis

Diageobrands.com the web site featuring Diageo's Brands

Laporta www.laporta.co.uk - great Italian office furniture available in the UK


Emma's Diary www.emmasdiary.co.uk the pregnancy site - help and advice through your pregnancy and beyond plus an active forum for new Mums and Mums-to-be

Emmas Diary - www.emmasdiary.co.uk

SANDS www.uk-sands.org the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society. Support for parents and families whose baby is stillborn or dies soon after birth

SANDS www.uk-sands.org the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society. Support for parents and families whose baby is stillborn or dies soon after birth

BioVex www.BioVex.com - biotechnology company, gene therapy products potentially delivering a cure for cancer and other major diseases... Our design, now populated by the client.


Textural Space www.texturalspace.com - the site for the Textural Space exhibition of contemporary Japanese textile art and Through The Surface www.throughthesurface.surrart.ac.uk which was the touring exhibition in 2004/5 and under development www.2121vision.com

through the surface

Good2Bsecure - www.good2Bsecure.co.uk, the Home Office site for student security, in both English and Welsh. All original illustrations commisioned by us, now in its second incarnation following focus group feedback.

good2BSecure the studendent security website produced for the Home Office

The Assets Recovery Agency - www.assetsrecovery.gov.uk making sure that crime does not pay! Built by us, design by Ellipsis, now maintained and populated by the Agency

ARA the Assets Recovery Agency