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Macromedia's flash is now established as the standard for web based animation and we can create what you require from a site built entirely in flash, an opening animation or a specific graphic to explain a complex issue.

Be aware that whilst it's claimed that the vast majority of machines now have the free flash plug-in (it's automatically installed with Microsoft Explorer and will try to download automatically from Macromedia if not present when you visit a flash enabled page) there are many large corporates who 'lock' all browsers on their network from any updates or additional plug-in installation. This means that they may not be able to view or navigate your site if we don't build in an alternative html option - you have to make an informed decision before deciding to cater for (or exclude) these potential visitors.

Info: Many organisations have the Flash v4 plug-in but don't support the new features of v5. The browsers at the Home Office do not support Flash at all


The action of NeuroVEX vectors for nervous system gene therapy: created for BioVex Ltd www.biovex.com

Colour selector for the Ivo desk - just click on the buttons to see how the desk will appear with the various colour options: created for the Laporta Italian Office Furniture site www.laporta.co.uk

Opening animation (based on a direct mail piece) created for the registration site for a BT seminar

A simple page header animation created for a section on the Talking People Site www.talking-people.co.uk

A flash based navigation system can be viewed on the Textural Space site www.texturalspace.com

Further examples of animation can be viewed on the banners and screensavers pages. Please contact us to discuss your requirements