Embedding Flash Animation into Powerpoint

If you're a flash user or if you've got a .swf movie you want to include in PowerPoint here's how you do it:

  1. Create and save your movie in Flash as a .swf file.

  2. Take note of the path where you saved it.

  3. In PowerPoint 97 or 2000, create a new slide.

  4. From the VIEW menu, scroll down to TOOLBARS and choose VISUAL BASIC.

  5. From the Visual Basic Toolbar, click on the CONTROL TOOLBOX icon.

  6. From the CONTROL TOOLBOX, select MORE CONTROLS icon.

  7. From the scrolldown list, choose SHOCKWAVE FLASH OBJECT.

  8. Your cursor will change to a cross hair cursor. Draw out a rectangle on your slide (size can be re-adjusted later).

  9. Right click on the rectangle you just drew and choose PROPERTIES.

  10. Under the Alphabetic tab, make the following changes:

Note: we've recently discovered that if the flash movie is scripted to stop playing rather than loop or repeat then this command appears to be passed to PowerPoint - this results in the play command being reset to false. The simple solution (if you've got the source flash file) is to remove the offending command, alternatively you'll have to save the presentation with play set to true and not run it again until ready to present - it'll only run once and will need resetting before it'll work again!

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