services from site-designs

Web Site Design & Creation: We can design and create your entire site, fully implement e-commerce solutions, build in full database solutions and make it work.

Web Maintenance - New Sites: We will gladly maintain any site that we have built (for a reasonable sum). Alternatively when we build your site we can ensure that it will be relatively simple for you to manage and update - we'll even factor in the necessary training. When we submit our design proposal all of this will be clearly itemised and as jargon free as possible.

Web Maintenance - Existing Sites: We will generally take on the update work on your existing site for a competitive fee. If you feel that you're not getting the service you require from your current supplier then contact us for a proposal.

Web Banners & Animations: If you've got your site and just need some additional funky animation or maybe you need an advertising banner to go on a client or suppliers site then we can sort it out.

Full Multimedia CD ROM: For those big sales proposals, your corporate credentials or new product launch this may be the answer. We specialise in CD ROM including custom video and animation to reinforce your message - we have satisfied clients from Amsterdam to Zimbabwe (and much closer to home). All projects quoted subject to brief. And don't forget - CD's can be made in lots of shapes for very little additional cost...

Electronic Publishing of your Brochures and Catalogues: If you find that your need to get your expensively designed documents into a user friendly electronic form for easy distribution (with no print costs and added interactivity) then our Adobe Acrobat skills may be the solution - Mobil and Canon agree! There are some examples on this site but as always there are many different approaches so tell us what you want to achieve and we'll propose the most elegant solution for the budget.

CD Business Cards: A CD the size of a business card with enough space for your credentials presentation, some sound, some video and direct links to your e-mail address and web site. True business card shape available pressed in quantities of 500+(taking around 30Mb of data), and now there are a few versions that can be burnt individually - you need buy no more than one! As this is still a relatively new product the details, availability and cost are changing almost daily. Mail us for details

PowerPoint Presentations and Templates: We specialise in creating innovative and striking PowerPoint presentations and templates - which don't look like PowerPoint! We can produce and run an entire conference, create that 'one-off' special presentation or design you a template to edit yourself.

Screensavers: We can build you a custom screensaver either to keep a corporate theme on every desktop or something rather more radical for your site visitors to download and enjoy (and including active links to your e-mail and back to your site). There's now lots of ways to approach this and we'd like the opportunity to discuss the various solutions

CD Writing: We can write your data to CD - we can take Zip, SyQuest, Optical, Jazz, Floppy etc. etc. Mac or PC and write it back to a Gold Master CD ROM as PC, Mac or Hybrid. We can either write low volume originals with custom labels and inlays or prepare you a Master for bulk Silver Disc pressing

Logo Conversion: We have great experience in circumventing the eternal problem of converting your logos (normally produced as Mac Illustrator files by a design studio) into a usable PC file format(s) for all your presentation needs and for a truly elegant solution..

True Type Fonts: Most logos can be converted into a custom true type font which allows smooth and accurate display with perfect printing right down to very small sizes. The only real restriction is that you can't have complex fills or multiple colours

Scanning and Retouching: If you've produced your own presentation but need some photos professionally scanned and optimised ready to drop in as that finishing touch then we can help. We can scan from original artwork, photo, negative, transparency etc.

Custom Clip-Art: We have a variety of freelance illustrators with a wide range of styles that we work with to create the perfect set of clip-art for any product or solution. The final illustrations will be provided in PC friendly format, easily editable and unique to your organisation - the copyright is then yours without restriction

35mm Slides and OHP's: There's still occasions and places where you can't be certain that data projection will be available or you've simply got too much detail display when only a slide will do. We can shoot 35mm slides (at 6000 line resolution) from just about every bit of presentation software in existence. Full colour OHPs always make a good standby option if you feel the need for that 'belt and braces' approach

Video Encoding: we can encode your video in the most appropriate file format and data rate for your application - MPEG2 (DVD) MPEG1, AVI, QuickTime or as streaming video for the web

Video Grabs: Got a video - need a still frame? We can grab the frame you want and save it in the format of your choice (if you've got digi beta the quality's good too, got an NTSC VHS - we'll do our best...)